Burghfield Camera Club | Competition Rules









These are rules for Internal competitions at Burghfield Camera Club.

General rules

G1   In each competition you may enter a total of up to three images in any combination.

G2   Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. (PAGB wording.)

G3   Material must not have been used in a previous Burghfield Camera Club annual competition, although it may have been used in a Panel of Three competition. 

G4   A monochrome version of a colour image and visa versa is considered a different image for competition purposes.

G5   Each competition entry will be judged out of 10 by an independent judge. The points will be accumulated over the four competitions to decide the winner of the Challenger Salver Trophy.

G6   There will also be trophies for the authors with the highest overall scores in both prints and digital competitions. (In order to gain maximum points and be in with a chance to win one of the shields you will need to keep to one or other format for all 4 competitions.)

G7   There will also be a trophy for the best overall image in the subject specified competition.

G8   All images must be titled - the words ‘No Title’ or ‘Image 1, 2’ are not acceptable.

G9   A competition submission form must be submitted to the Internal Comp Sec at least 1 week prior to the competition, detailing authors name, image titles and format in which the entry is to be displayed, i.e. print or Dpi.

G10   A test image will be projected prior to each digital competition to demonstrate the calibration of the projector. The image is available for members to download from the club website.

G11   Club competitions maybe entered only by members who have paid their annual subscription.

G12   Titles will be displayed for the judge to see while assessing both prints and dpi’s.

G13   Entering into a competition allows the club to use your image (watermarked) on the club website.

Instructions on how to prepare 'Panel of Three' images are available in PDF format which is available to download.


P1   Prints must be not less than 18 x 13cm picture area and mounted on recognised mounting card. i.e. Daler or similar board with or without windows or foam board with a maximum thickness of 5 mms (0.5cms)

P2   The maximum mount size is 50 x 40 cm.

P3   For Prints mounted behind a window mount, please ensure a light secondary board is place behind the photograph to avoid damage.

P4   All prints must have the authors name and a title on the reverse side, pencil is adequate.

P5   All prints must be with the Internal Competition Secretary by 7.30pm on the evening of the competition.

P6   An adhesive label will be attached to the reverse of the print giving the competition details and a reference number. Your score details will be added to this during the evening.

P7   Please provide a JPEG of your print to the internal competition's secretary; identifying it as a print entry.


Digital Projected Image’s (Dpi’s)

D1   Digital images will be projected in JPEG format only, 8-bit, sRGB, 1400 (wide) x 1050 (high) maximum resolutions.

D2   Portrait images must be not larger than 1050 pixels high. A border may be added but pixel size must not be exceeded.

D3   The filenames of the images being submitted must be in the following format: please note the software reading it is case sensitive

Filename format [Author+Distinctions]_[Title].jpg
Example :
Sue Totham ABCD_Another Brilliant Sunset. jpg

D4   Files must be submitted in JPEG format.

D5   It is the responsibility of the author to submit entries in the correct format.

D6   Digital images should be submitted by email to the Internal Competition Secretary at least 1 week prior to the competition.

D7   Emailed submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt of the entry.

D8   Images received in the wrong size format will not be accepted. Please seek advice from a club member if you do not know how to resize.


The points will be accumulated over the four competitions to decide the winner of The Challenger Salver.

The list of all trophies awarded is:

  • The Challenger Salver - Highest points overall
  • Print Shield - Highest points achieved for print entries
  • PDI Shield - Highest points achieved for projected digital images
  • The John Chandler Trophy – Winner of the themed competition taken from both prints and PDI's
  • The Panel of Three Plaque for Prints - Winner of the Panel of Three print competition
  • The Panel of Three Plaque for DPI’s - Winner of the Panel of Three digitally projected images competition
  • The Hugh Fagg Viewfinder Cup - This cup is awarded annually at the Chairman's discretion.
  • Certificates will be given to those attaining second and third places.

Certificates will also be given to members who have joined the club during the season and have entered  at least one competition.

(Note: Rules for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation League may be found here )