Burghfield Camera Club | Competition 3 Wrecked
Created 1-Feb-15
39 photos

Dave Belcher-Now wash your handsDave Belcher-High and dryDave BelcherWhat a partyAndy Lay_Brighton PierAndy Lay_Run out of steamAndy Lay_Scrap Heap ChallengeChristine Lamb_ I've been framedChristine Lamb_I'm just being defraggedChristine Lamb_Oh eck what happenedColin Ebden_Wrecked  The Sphynx and the Great Pyramiddave harrison_Interior needs work (2)Dave Harrison_Interior needs workDave Harrison_Still a little sparkDave Harrison_Waiting Their TurnDave Hucker_Seen Better DoorsDave Reeves_Abandoned due to  floodingDave Reeves_For Sale  no forward chainDave Reeves_They left a light on for meGraham Mulrooney_Fallen DownGraham Mulrooney_Ruined Boat

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