Burghfield Camera Club | Heath and Safety Policy

Heath and SafetyHeath and Safety

Members should make themselves fully acquainted with the fire and safety procedure of the hall.

At the beginning of each session and when visitors are present the Chairman or whoever is leading the event will make those in attendance aware of the location of emergency exits and the location of assembly points should evacuation of the building be required.  

When setting up equipment, members will ensure all is in safe working order.  All trailing electrical cables and other tripping hazards will be highlighted to members.

Members have a personal responsibility to ensure they are fit to participate in club activities to which they chose to attend.

In the event of an accident a member of the Committee must be informed and they will decide on the appropriate course of action to take, which may involve summoning external help.

Burghfield Camera Club is covered for Public Liabiilty Insurance under the PAGB scheme and is renewed every year.